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Matric results will be available early on the morning of the 8th of January 2020. Register now to get your
results delivered to you directly.
Learners who sat for the 2019 National Senior Certificate exams will get the Matric Results on the
morning of the 8th of January. The Minister of Education announces the national pass rate and the
overall stats on the evening before, but the individual results are only available the next morning.
If you can’t wait to get your results you don’t need to rely on your school to post the printed sheets of
results up on the wall. Results will be available online from about 6 am on the 8th of January.
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Get Your Results Via SMS

To get your Matric Results via SMS you should send an SMS message to 35658. In the message, you
must first type your 13 digit ID number, leave a space and then type your 13 digit exam number

Messages are charged at R1.50 each. You will only have to send one message to register and then
they will send you a message when the results are available.
Get Your Results Via USSD
Use the USSD service by dialing *120*35658#. After answering multiple questions, enter your ID
number. You’ll receive your results per subject after you’ve completed the process. You’ll have the
option to opt-in or out to comply with the Protection of Personal Information Act. USSD rates apply.
The Western Cape Education Department has confirmed that their students can get their results first
from their schools at 12 noon on the 8th of January. They will then be available online from 2 pm.