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We buy Mandela coin for up to R250 000

We buy Mandela coin for up to R250 000 mandela coin in south Africa sell your mandela coin in south Africa Nelson Mandela may have left us in his material form but his spirit will be with all of us South Africans for the rest of time. Nelson Mandela and South Africa are permanently intertwined in • Read More »

List of Areas Where You Can Sell Mandela Coins for Extra Cash

List of Areas Where You Can Sell Mandela Coins for Extra Cash in South Africa Here is a history of how Mandela coins have been sold for R275 000. You can find areas to buy and sell vintage coins including Mandela graded un-circulated coins. Several of the Mandela 90th Birthday proof 70’s have sold for R275 • Read More »

Market for R5 Nelson Mandela coins

The market for R5 rare Nelson Mandela coins will ebb and flow with the general conditions of the South African economy. But the market for these coins will be eternal. There is no way to make rare coins un-rare. Over 300 000 R5 Mandela coins have been graded by PCGS, NGC and ANACS and they constitute • Read More »

Here Are Companies Buying Mandela Coins For R55 000

Coin Company are from various backgrounds. All complimenting each other but all with the same purpose, to keep the coin industry alive and thriving. Our sales staff and experienced consultants have received excellent training in the industry and continue to receive on-going training as the market evolves. One of our senior staff members has held • Read More »

Where Can I Sell Mandela R5-Search Here

The reverse side of the Finest Known rare 90th Mandela R5 coins. This coin is one of the most beautiful coins that has ever been designed. In making this coin even more unique the South African mint cleverly changed the side that the head is to appear on to the front of the coin to • Read More »

Where To Sell Your Old Coins

Thank you for requesting me to answer this question. You can sell your coins on online portals like ebay, amazon, etc. get in touch with a coin collector who is wishing to buy your coins. contact auction houses who are willing to sell your collection. Wherever you sell….ensure that you research well and sell it • Read More »

We Buy Mandela Coins for Extra Cash

List of Areas Where You Can Sell Mandela Coins for Extra Cash – The coins that have value are those that are graded by the grading companies, so you must know and be able to differentiate between the graded and non-graded Mandela coins. Grading Companies The largest and most respected organisation of professional coin dealers • Read More »